Visit My Art Studio

Hiya everyone and welcome to a peek at my makeshift art studio, a dining table by the window. I have been doing a painting for a Brooklyn Art Library project where I get an arty pen pal and their canvas creation

This is my usual set up with my iPad for looking at reference pictures, this time I had a book to use for reference so after making use of a little Google image searching  I used my  iPad to listen to my newly made playlist which contains only songs that make me happy and that have happy themes. I think it helped to make me quite hyper so I’m pretty tired now but pleased.

photo (7)


These are my tunes, I think I need to add some more but I enjoyed repeating my playlist a few times then I had a dance about after tidying up.

photo (9)



My Autscape 2013

I had a wonderful time at Autscape 2013 and here is a little show and tell of what I created and enjoyed.

Lyte presented a wonderful lecture and workshop about finding our true voice. She told us the tale of the Little Mermaid and how we can relate it to the autistic experience. In the workshop I decided to attempt to draw from memory my favourite people in Doctor (5)

Sarah Jane very generously brought some of her jewellery making supplies to her workshop so we could make our own sparkly works of art. I was inspired by this infamous publication


to make this necklace

photo (6)

Susy’s workshop was about exploring our identities, this is what I created


photo (4)I also went to a drama workshop which was zippity zappity fun and a talk about self-employment that taught us how to identify our talents and skills and our preferred area of work. There was also a talk about making conversations and how to approach new people. All the presenters were excellent and the panel discussion on the whole theme this year which was Finding A Voice was brilliant and inspiring and I would love to produce more focused blog posts about my experiences of autism, I just need prompting with specific topics and questions to answer.

It was lovely to see familiar friends and also meet new people.

I have drawn a picture of my most enjoyable aspect of the week, incredibly yummy snuggles with a very special somepony  (brohoof to everyone who gets that reference) 😀


Thank You for an amazing Autscape