Doctor Who Adventures With 12: Night

NightBig scene

Wardrobe Department:

Beige Leather Look Faux Fur Collar Jacket from River Island

Lazy Oaf Kitty Backpack from ASOS

Black Painted Floral Print Mini Skirt from River Island

ASOS Tights With Dinosaur Over The Knee

Black Suede Oversized Zip Biker Boots from River Island



DW Extravaganza: Listen Teaser Trailer


photo 3 (2)

photo 2 (3)

photo 1 (3)I was inspired to create this picture when I saw the Doctor Who series 8 Listen teaser trailer. At first I started to sketch it as a side on TARDIS view but my mind has a bit of difficulty with angles and proportions and I was finding it quite tricky getting the figures in the correct size compared to the TARDIS. Because I love to see things at different angles I decided to try a top down view instead which gave another tricky problem of figuring out how to foreshorten the Doctor and I so we are looking straight up out of the picture. Peter’s head came out a bit large but I like the effect that the foreshortening works on both figures when you rotate the picture.

Rather than a flat picture on a gallery wall I like to bring the viewers of my art into the 3D bubble encasing the picture, I like to break the fourth wall and reach out towards the viewer, a bit like my cartoon self is doing my YouTube videos. That’s because I love drawing faces.

I like the bright and colourful effect of my marker pictures and they are quick to create. I think I want to practice my fine art skills on painted and pastel portraits and also have the immediacy of creating my cartoon style.