Visit My Art Studio

Hiya everyone and welcome to a peek at my makeshift art studio, a dining table by the window. I have been doing a painting for a Brooklyn Art Library project where I get an arty pen pal and their canvas creation

This is my usual set up with my iPad for looking at reference pictures, this time I had a book to use for reference so after making use of a little Google image searching  I used my  iPad to listen to my newly made playlist which contains only songs that make me happy and that have happy themes. I think it helped to make me quite hyper so I’m pretty tired now but pleased.

photo (7)


These are my tunes, I think I need to add some more but I enjoyed repeating my playlist a few times then I had a dance about after tidying up.

photo (9)




2 thoughts on “Visit My Art Studio

  1. Hi Helen,
    I really enjoy your workspace, why don’t you post copies of your paintings in Flickr? It’s free and I will try and spread the work


    • I try not to have too many different places that I post on as it becomes too confusing and tiring to keep up with everything but I’m happy for people to share the links too my art.

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