Doctor Who Advent 2016: What it all means.

Here’s the explanation of my Doctor Who themed Advent Calendar for 2016

1.) Adric is a maths genius, you need someone good at maths on Countdown so I drew Adric with the Countdown style letters to spell out his name.

2.) In The Power of Three, Brian started a video diary so I thought he’d probably like making YouTube videos and he would definitely like to share his trowel knowledge.

3.) Vervoids are plant creatures grown by scientists on the planet Mogar so I drew them on a packet of seeds from the Mogar seed company.

4.) Axons came to Earth to feed the humans then use the energy from them so I drew a pizza from their pizza delivery service.

5.) I thought Ice Warriors could be a good name for an ice lolly so I drew a box of them with the lolly in the shape of the Ice Warrior’s armoured hand.

6.) Aggedor can be hypnotised by music so I drew him in the style of the iPod adverts.

7.) Adam is showing off his intelligence on University Challenge but in case anyone clicks their fingers he has to wear his hat so as not to give Paxman a fright.

8.) The Abzorbaloff had a lot of indigestion after eating so I drew a packet of tablets and named it Zorbaloff because it sounds a bit sciencey.

9.) I drew a compressed can of deodorant inspired by the brand Lynx and by the species from Raxacoricofallapatorius who compress themselves into human body suits which gives them rather a lot of flatulence so they need to freshen up.

10.) The Gods of Ragnarok were a mother, father and daughter who wanted to be entertained, I chose to draw them as if they are one of the families on Gogglebox.

11.) Dorium became a head in a box, a stamp is also sort of a box with a head in.

12.) The Sensorites are sensitive to loud noises so I think they would be good at marketing ear defenders.

13.) The idea that Tegan would eventually have her own airline so I drew her logo which has a little TARDIS in it.

14.) Solomon was a space trader so I thought he would have the space version of Exchange and Mart.

15.) A sun tan lotion inspired by Sontaran’s because you don’t want to peel like a potato.

16.) The Monoids have hair like The Beatles so I drew their name in the style of The Beatles logo

17.) The Raston Warrior Robot wears an outfit rather like the contestants do on Hole In The Wall so I combined the two concepts.

18.) The Vardan’s travel along wave-forms so I drew a Vardan branded surfboard.

19.) Chronovore’s feed on time so I drew the famous time specific chocolate.

20.) Bannakaffalatta is an alien’s name that sounds like Banana Cafe Latte so I drew it like a menu item.

21.) The Teller melts brains so it’s brand of puzzle books would be brain meltingly difficult.

22.) To me, Voord’s look like they are liquorice, especially in the picture of Susan having a bite on one.

23.) A breakfast cereal inspired by Oooh Yes boy in Unearthly Child, when you see it on the supermarket shelf, you go ‘Oooh Yes’ and buy it.

24.) Ace is known for having a lot of patches on her so I put Ace on a patch.

25.) A phone just like Rory, free roamin