Hiya, Welcome to my Blog. I have a passion to spread and encourage Autism pride and to celebrate the uniqueness of thinking and brilliance that those on the spectrum have to offer the world. I love to create art and I aspire to make a career in the art world. I love to make people smile and appreciate all the beauty and fun of life. I do this through my art and through talking to the world via my YouTube channels: CuriosityRocks and Whoventures. I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork and that you will spread love and appreciation for all people on the Autistic Spectrum, we all have talents and skills to offer the world along with happy flaps and interesting ways of seeing the world around us.

To discuss commissions or request reviews please contact me at curiousventures@hotmail.co.uk

26 thoughts on “About

  1. Helen I cam to your website after you sent me your Who’s Who in the Lib Dems form and am very impressed with not just the quality but the astonishing volume of your artwork. May I use a piece in our regional newsletter, please?
    Regards Jock Gallagher jyg@cix.co.uk

  2. I am enjoying your website. I look forward to you post. Iove your post theme and set up. I am starting out as a freelance writer and I want to set up a wordpress like yours only with writing. Are you getting work from wordpress site? Can you give me any tips about setting up a portfolio.

    It was such a nice surprise to click left and see the portrait of the Rio Olympics Lion, I thought it would be an article and then BAM all that rich color!

    • I kind of just muddled through and started putting my work up. Still working towards getting paid opportunities but I feel my blog is really worthwhile. Thank you for liking my work 😀

  3. Hi, I happened upon your site as it came up when I regularly read the sites to do with Autism/Aspergers. I really-really like your artwork and especially your cartoon diary. The style is really pleasing on the eye, you have a good sense of depth and I liked that there was a sense of fun about them too. Keep going 🙂

  4. Autisticinnerspace, your blog is currently included on our Actually Autistic Blogs List (anautismobserver.wordpress.com). Please click on the “How do you want your blog listed?” link at the top of that site to personalize your blog’s description.
    Thank you.
    Judy (An Autism Observer)

  5. Hello!

    First and foremost, I am proudly Autistic. First I want to say how awesome this whole site is! It really helped me with feeling as if I was “too different.” It’s really something when someone’s experience is from the same point-of-view, with absolute confidence that it is completely organic. Idk… Kinda feel like a fan girl atm so I apologise. Haha.
    But I digress, I would love to see if you would be interested in an idea I had that originally I wanted to do alone, but would be more than pleased and excited for you to join me. I don’t want to fill this wall up anymore than I already have so if you’re interested and have the time let me know.

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration,
    Joseph J McIntosh

      • Thank you for replying back to me so quickly. In a nutshell I had a comic/cartoon/story fleshed out pretty well, and I would love to to share the information with you and maybe come to create something everyone will enjoy! *Best case scenario of course* I at least would like to send what script I’ve wrote and what you do from there is up to you naturally. Sorry a bit nervous again. Idk how to do this or if to do this at all, ya know? Well that’s the general idea of it all.

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