Crafty Photo Scavenger Hunt: December

Inspiration: I love the colours and pattern.

Something I Made: This is my Lego Lady celebrating winning The Turner Prize and making a statement in her very tall hat.

Motifs:Geometric: I dropped my tin of pencils and the pattern of the inner tray caught my eye.

Colour: The colour of one of my sparklies sensory toys.

Festive: A Christmas card from a friend I met at Autscape

A Soap Like Insight Into How My Memory Works. A Review Of The Third Black Mirror Episode

This weeks Eastenders-esque episode of Black Mirror, The Entire History of You written by Jesse Armstrong, claims to show the dystopia of recorded memories, now I may have been more curious and disturbed by this if my memory didn’t already work like this to some extent. I can replay many memories in the style of playing a video of  exactly where everyone was positioned, how I felt and to me personally I can place myself within the ‘scene’ and live in the memory. I noticed that on Twitter, many of the people disturbed by the concept of the episode have Facebook accounts, possibly having the mind of a person with a tendency to follow the crowd and be consumed by a culture of sharing every minute detail of their lives until a show like this reflects upon them how they are controlled with a need to fit in and be accepted into a conformist and compliant society. Something that many on the Autistic Spectrum are blessed to be spared.

Parisian Chic As Boudoir Prive Becomes JolieBox

This month the beautiful Boudoir Privé beauty box is transformed from now on into the elegantly compact JolieBox. Of the things that bring me out from my teenage boy mindset the glamour and sophistication of this particular beauty box subscription rates very highly. Upon opening the box, I am transported into a twirl of flouncy dresses and David Walliams-esque exclamations of ‘I’m a laaaaaydy’. As I am extremely proud of my French heritage this box means more to me than just a delightful box of beauty treats, it gives me the chance to revel in being a sophisticated Parisian girl. Here is my review of the box and it’s contents.

The Box: A sophisticated and compact black box with a lift off lid reveals a beautiful deep pink ribbon carefully tied around the selection of surprises. I think this is the most glamorous of all the beauty boxes.

The Products

OPI Gold Shatter Nail Lacquer:- Something that I’d not considered purchasing before but I am eager to play with this perfect for parties, gold sparkle.

Mitchell And Peach Shower Wash:- A fresh and fruity scent to revive you for all your festive activities.

New CID Cosmetics i-gloss:- A very pretty wearable shade of gloss with an extremely useful feature of illuminating your pout for perfect application.

Jane Iredale 24-Karat Gold Dust:- A brand that I have wanted to try and I shall very much enjoy applying this multi-use shimmer powder to sparkle as much as the tinsel.

Yon-Ka Vital Defense:- I’m always keen to try anti-aging products to preserve a youthful complexion.

Kusmi Detox Tea:- I find it wonderful to recieve a food/drink item in a beauty box as it gives a bit of variety so this shall be very much enjoyed.

JolieBox Concealer Brush:- A lovely soft brush that is an essential addition to any beauty collection

Also included is an offer of 20% off at which is a designer dress hire service.

I really feel that this company listens to the feedback as I mentioned on the feedback survey that I would love more gadgets, food items and beauty tools and that’s exactly what they have included in this month’s box.

JolieBox is a little box of glamour and sophistication so if you want to treat yourself or the women in your life to a subscription they shall surely be delighted.

JolieBox is £10 + P&P for each month.

More information can be found at

Yay!!…..Oh. The December 2011 Glossy Box For Women

This is my third Glossy Box so far and I started off with the element of surprise but I did look at spoilers this month and got rather excited when I saw on the Glossy Blog,  the Blink + Go Eyeshadow/Blush palette in the bright colours. I hoped and sent my wishes, in a Noel Edmonds endorsed cosmic ordering style, to the masters of beauty product distribution that I would get the palette of eye candy delight. I opened my Glossy Box today and rather quickly deflated to find I’d been given what in my eyes seems like a  plain, old, boring mascara. Of course it’s as nice a product as anything you could want but after getting my hopes up about flaunting my rainbow eyes I was overcome with disapointment. A surprise every month is very much appreciated but in the traditon of a bit o’ Bully, I am rather more upset (in a vague harrumph way rather than a whole house ripping meltdown way, I do have some perspective)  about the bright colours that I coulda won than excited about what I actually did get. A speedboat is nothing compared to eyeshadows and blush. So, on with my review.

The Box:- This month the box is a bright shiny Christmassy red with winter white tissue wrapping and shreddy thingymabobs. I did see that the European boxes had green tissue which I find much more appealing.

The Products That I Shall Use

Rituals Fujiyama Foaming Shower Gel in Mandarin and Mint:- I have not come across this concept before so shall be interested to see how it works though I am thinking that I may be tempted to regress to my childhood bath game of acquiring a voluptous foamy beard and carefully shaving it off.

Deborah Lippman Razzle Dazzle Mini Nail Varnish with Stripped to Go Sachet:- This is a gorgeous sparkly deep jammy red which is perfect for the festive season. Another concept I haven’t seen before is the lavender nail lacquer remover finger mitts, I shall be interested to see how effective this is.

Products That I Doubt I Shall Use

Cargo Cosmetics Classic Lip Gloss:- A pretty pink colour but I would have preferred a product from their Botanical range

MeMeMe Seventh Heaven:- A facebase packed with artficial ingredients and preservatives

Blink + Go Hi-Definition Mascara:- A wastefully packaged mascara with a standard applicator that just seems dull compared to pretty eyeshadows.

Product Options That I Would Have Preferred

Jurlique ultra firm and lift cream:- One of the more natural brands that I would love to try and firming is always a good thing.

Blink + Go Eye Shadow/Blush Palette in the bright shades:- Look at the pretty!!! Waaaaahhhh!!!!

My overall verdict for this month’s Glossy Box is that it gives some sparkly delight with the nail lacquer but plenty of disapointment with the lack of pretty colours. If however I had received the brights palette then this would have been a more favourable review. I would say that of all the beauty boxes I get, that I have been the most disapointed with Glossy Box for Women, I am much more interested in getting what is given out in the European Glossy Box.

Again this is a sensory overload avoiding way of getting beauty products but rather a hit and miss way of getting things you actually want, it is pretty good value if you are not overly fussy.

Glossy Box is £10 + P&P for one beauty box a month. More information can be found at

Something For The Weekend, Sir? The First Glossy Box For Men

If it wasn’t frowned upon to hump a beauty box then this would definitely be getting some fab. u. lous. hip action. It is the first Glossy Box specifically created for men and the masculine side of me is delighted. I mainly bought this out of curiosity rather than any specific gift ideas but I think a stealth technique of depositing these stylish and cool looking products around the bathroom would have far more effective results than just presenting a box of beauty products to a lucky male, unless of course he is of the metrosexual sort or simply a raging queen. I myself have always been attracted to masculine things, of course I do get the uncontrollable flaps for anything pink and sparkly but show me an Eames chair or a fine piece of particularly well sculpted MDF and I am filled with warmth and adoration, for my gender balance within my well endowed frame is more towards a masculine sensibility. So, on with my actual review.

The Box: This is a stunning chocolately grey colour or what those in the nails industry seem to call greige. It is simply divine and worth many an admiring caress.

The Products

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser:- Exfoliation is vital for a smooth looking complexion so very pleased to recieve a full size of this.

Goldwell Lagoon Jam Volume Gel:- I love a bit of volume to the hair and a slight bit of Tennant-ness does a bloke a world of good.

Shaveworks The Cool Fix:- Extremely funky and stylish packaging of a product to help comfort those shaving woes.

Murad Clarifying Mask:- A mask to treat acne, very useful to have for any spot emergencies.

Goldwell For Men Hair and Body Shampoo:- A very sexy aroma of boy sweets, you know how some sweets have a leaning towards a male consumer? Well it reminds me of Fox’s Glacier Mints which I have always had a certain trepidation about, I do not know why but show me a bag and I have a tendency to back away. They are like the Darth Vader of sweets.

Vitru Conditioning Body Wash:- A rather herbally aroma of honey, rather nice. The bees should stand with their hands on their hips and feel rather proud of their contribution to male grooming. Well until Queenie whips them back into shape, long days and no rest makes a bee quite tetchy I’d assume.

Vitru Energy Rub:- A very interesting product that I shall be happy to apply (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme:- In the modern way of saying , this is simply teh sex.

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’Homme:- Another example of aromatic humpability, I shall be wearing these perfumes myself to observe the affect on any passing lady and this is definitely one for any bloke trying to impress.

My overall verdict is that this is a must buy if you are into male grooming and also it’s an easy way to acquire grooming products if you find yourself overwhelmed with the array of options out there and as it comes straight to your door, sensory overload is comfortably avoided.

The Glossy Box for Men is delivered every 3 months at a cost of £15 + P&P for each box. More information can be found at

Moves Like Jackson Pollock

Busy creativity day today, personalizing some Christmas cards with my artwork and loving it so much that I am considering doing a 365 project of an artwork every day. Also I have done another video for my musical Who Advent Calendar on my Whoventures YouTube channel. I have just been browsing some songs and testing out the vocals, sounding good so just need to assign characters to songs and I shall be filming more Advent videos (yes my Advent videos may not be on a tight schedule as it depends on my energy levels each day). I am aiming for a naff chic look for them, it’s stacks of fun 😀

I am hoping to get this blog to be a mixture of visuals and text and it shall be when I am not being a busy bee and have got all my Christmas tasks done. My favourite line from Corrie this week has got to be ‘It’s like Kez with fish’ it produced a snort giggle.

I am really enjoying finding my art style and getting my artistic confidence back and I’m sort of musing that it would be cool to be a freelance artist. I recently discovered the existence of Sketch Cards which are small artworks inserted into packs of Trading Cards. I would be rather keen to produce art for these. So if anyone has any illustration jobs going then drop me a note. I shall be scanning in and creating a video of my current artworks so shall remind you all when that’s done. Thank you 🙂


I didn’t blog yesterday as I was in production on my youtube Advent Calendar which should appeal to all you Doctor Who fans as it is presented on my Whoventures channel. Amidst a flurry of masks and costume changes I caught up by filming 6 days worth in one evening and much fun was had by all (well, me and Jet, my cat). I have just filmed and uploaded day 7 with another genius contribution from Jet.

I shall have a P please, Bob.

Settling down for tonight’s Corrie and I spy the icon of gaming wonderousness that is the product placement capital P. Forget all semblance of plot for my eyes are now drawn to the details, looking in the background for familiarity. Is that Cillit Bang giving the Rovers a sparkle of glamour? Surely it can’t be the Total Bran stealing the screen from Tommy’s nefarious planning, that’s way too obvious. Is Stella going to grip Lloyd’s paperwork and say you know what, you need a shredder. This is the perfect shredder in the land for removing the slightly dodgy paperwork from underneath Steve’s ever gurning face. Could it be the Marigolds? The best rubber gloves for keeping your pint pullers fresh and clean. Maybe the Sunset Casino is a real location to set yourself up for getting a slap down from Stella in the cosy lounge overrun with pine.  Ah well I do not find out the correct answer for they do not think it of interest to do a nice flourishing reveal of the brand star. Puzzles without solutions are most unsatisfying.