An Echolalic Delight: Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy

If one were to analyse exactly why I take so much cat back wriggling exultant delight in Noel Fielding’s new show, Luxury Comedy, it would probably result in the conclusion that it is the most wonderous televisual sensory toy for adults revelling in the echolalia and colourful magic of their autistic world. A delicious half hour in which to let go and bathe in a friendly barrage of colour, hilarious face pulling and repetitive sounds. I highly recommend this show as part of a well rounded sensory diet.

Weekword: Journey

This is another of my NaNoWriMo creations which I think fits the theme perfectly, hope you enjoy it.

Star-flight spaceships scour the skies

above the planet’s beady eyes.

A new home they seek

they’ve been searching and searching for nearly a week.

Their multicoloured coats

to keep them warm as on they float.

Looking for somewhere warm and cosy

so they can be happy where life is rosy.

Comets shoot past them lighting their way

as they reach for their maps day after day.

They’re getting so hungry and right in the mood

for a delicious planet littered with food.

Not too big and not too small

for these cute little aliens who are not too tall.

A family gathered all on one ship

with many a squeak from the youngest pip.

All huddled together in their futuristic lounge

overrun my metal mice that scrape and scrounge.

There’s a techno wiz who’s often the rebooter

of their venerable valuable vintage computer.

The oldest of them is the designated driver

who navigates through all the hassle and mither.

They stop all the time for great adventures

meet all sorts of creatures even some who wear dentures.

The bumpy headed warlords are the worst of the lot

awakening the little one fast asleep in the cot.

There are blue faces, green faces and all sorts of colours

the quiet, reserved and the pushers and pullers.

They appear on the screen and state their agenda

some even look like they’ve been in a blender.

But judge on appearances our family do not

visitors are welcomed and aboard they trot.

With strutting and stature they whip out their phaser

only to be met with a bloody big laser.

To be given a home they must keep the peace

or little miss captain will rip up the lease.

Speeding through the stars until they are able

to find fresh food to put on the table.

Scouring the galaxies where discoveries are made

stars shine bright and some do fade.

The assistant captain is such a big actor

when he spots the plough and thinks it’s a tractor.

They connect up the stars to form a big bear

around the window they gather to have a good stare.

Eventually they spot something on the horizon

a blue and green planet that’s particularly surprising.

In they fly for a closer look

the captain makes notes in her special book.

To their delight this planet is manned

they have questions and menus already planned.

Slowly and carefully they make their descent

gathering alien money to pay all the rent.

Politely they always start off their mission

so run quickly to greet the first politician.

Filled with joy and gleeful mirth

hello new visitors, welcome to Earth.