Sketchbook Project;Capes, Masks & Tights Tour. My Doctor Who Tribute

For this Sketchbook Project tour I have decided to celebrate everything I love about Doctor Who since I became a fan in 2005. I found a chipboard album of the  right size and have decorated it with Chronology and Gorjuss craft papers and found some great pictures in my big Doctor Who sticker and ephemera collection. It shows what and who in the Whoniverse gives me the most joy and is also a little  introduction to the show. My next step will be to protect the pages and bind them together and add the barcode.

Front cover and back cover (Matt will ‘hold’ the barcode) photo (26) TardisEleven

photo (22)

photo (25)

photo (23)

photo (24)

Colour It In:Doctor Who The Rings of Akhaten

I adored The Rings Of Akhaten episode of Doctor Who, beautiful acting and amazing work from everyone involved, I love Jenna. I have drawn a picture for you all to print off and colour in. I would love to draw more colouring in pages for everyone, if there is anything from Doctor Who or other shows you would love to colour then let me know on here or tweet me @CuriosityRocks