Visit My Art Studio

Hiya everyone and welcome to a peek at my makeshift art studio, a dining table by the window. I have been doing a painting for a Brooklyn Art Library project where I get an arty pen pal and their canvas creation

This is my usual set up with my iPad for looking at reference pictures, this time I had a book to use for reference so after making use of a little Google image searching  I used my  iPad to listen to my newly made playlist which contains only songs that make me happy and that have happy themes. I think it helped to make me quite hyper so I’m pretty tired now but pleased.

photo (7)


These are my tunes, I think I need to add some more but I enjoyed repeating my playlist a few times then I had a dance about after tidying up.

photo (9)



Verse On Paper Project. Doctor Who poem 1

I am expressing more of my love for Doctor Who in another project for the Brooklyn Art Library. This project is about creating poetry and the overall theme is Epics and Understatements I shall be sharing my poetry with you as I work on completing this project.


A grain of sand tumbling on the shore

I can’t give you everything

But I can give you more

You fought through voids to find me

But now I must return

This face I put before you so you may never yearn

He can whisper in your ear the words I’m not man enough to say

The pounding of my hearts deafens me this day

Sketchbook Project;Capes, Masks & Tights Tour. My Doctor Who Tribute

For this Sketchbook Project tour I have decided to celebrate everything I love about Doctor Who since I became a fan in 2005. I found a chipboard album of the  right size and have decorated it with Chronology and Gorjuss craft papers and found some great pictures in my big Doctor Who sticker and ephemera collection. It shows what and who in the Whoniverse gives me the most joy and is also a little  introduction to the show. My next step will be to protect the pages and bind them together and add the barcode.

Front cover and back cover (Matt will ‘hold’ the barcode) photo (26) TardisEleven

photo (22)

photo (25)

photo (23)

photo (24)