Misadventure May Day 15: Cosmic Being


For Day 15 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter asks us to draw a Cosmic Being.

I created a digital illustration of a cosmic being that travels the galaxies and sells music, they really hit the jackpot when they discovered the planet called Earth and found a treasure trove of tunes to trade.

Misadventure May Day 11: Enchanted Helper



For Day 11 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw an Enchanted Helper.

I have drawn the Wizard Shopkeeper’s wife and daughter. Her wife builds lots of the shelves and furniture in the shop and does lots of the heavy lifting and restocks the shelves whilst the Wizard brews her new lotions and potions.

Her daughter adores visiting the library and discovering new books to read. Her ambition is to have an artistic career making illuminated manuscripts so writing and drawing the labels and spell instructions for her mum’s magic shop is the perfect start.

Misadventure May Day 10: Wizard Shopkeeper


For Day 10 of #MisadventureMay of @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw a Wizard Shopkeeper.

This is the inside of the magic shop. My Wizard shopkeeper is great pals with my main characters and thinks my protagonist’s boyfriend is hilarious. She has a murmuration of birds on her dress. My protagonist is buying presents for the women in his life. His boyfriend is telling a hysterically funny story. What do you think he’s saying?

Misadventure May Day 9: Magic Cabin In The Woods


For Day 9 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw a magic cabin in the woods.

The ground floor of this building is the stockroom where all the books, bottles and supplies are stored. The extension at the back is the brewing room where the potions and spells are made.

The steps go up to a balcony outside the front of the magic shop. The top floor is the residential area.

Misadventure May Day 8: Grassy Monster Fight


For Day 8 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw a grassy monster fight.

My main characters are not fighting this scary looking but innocent creature, they need to tie it up so it can safely be sent back home. It is an alien that has many eyes which means when it flies about the skies of it’s home planet it sees lots of beautiful sparkles and distracting glimmers so sometimes in their state of euphoria they accidentally fly through wormholes.

If the land of Conformity found it they would kill it and chop it up.

Misadventure May Day 7: Barnyard Beast You’ve Got To Tame


For Day 7 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw a barnyard beast you’ve got to tame.

I have created these boisterous baby Botes. Botes are baby goats with bat wings that naturally slough off when they are fully grown. This means they can be very mischievous in the air and on land, though the wings don’t mean they can fly very far so they don’t escape the farm. The adult Botes also produce spider silk in their milk.

The wings and silk are used in many things in the land of Equality.