Misadventure May Day 30: Magic Fountain Of Health


For day 30 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw a magic fountain of health.

Our protagonist and his boyfriend have gone via the inn on their way home so they can get a snack and a coffee to sober up. The Perk Up Pasties also contain aphrodisiac qualities, not that they need them. They are already very passionately in love and now they’ve been introduced to Earth love songs they will be serenading each other for many months.


Misadventure May Day 29: Magic Loot


For day 29 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw magic loot.

This loot is very useful for my protagonist as he can take his boyfriend to the inn for a sobering up snack and non-alcoholic drink.

Misadventure May Day 28: Boss Battle in Dungeon


For day 28 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw a boss battle in the dungeon.

At the party my protagonist’s boyfriend had a bit too much to drink which isn’t a lot as he’s such a lightweight. His boss battle is attempting to get back up the castle spiral staircase whilst drunk and wobbly.

Misadventure May Day 27: Exploring Royal Dungeon


For day 27 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw our characters exploring the Royal dungeon.

The Royal dungeon in Equality is where the Queens have their dancing parties. The Cosmic Being brought them Earth music and is the DJ of the party. Our protagonist and his boyfriend love a good party and along with the Queens and other party goers are enjoying a Disney megamix. The Cosmic Being can also produce rainbow disco lights.

Misadventure May Day 25: Flame Warlock


For day 25 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw a Flame Warlock.

This 5 year old kid is the little brother of the Blacksmith, he helps her out occasionally when she’s forging things for the townspeople. He is just learning how his powers work for now as using them too often tires him out. He loves to play with the fireflies in the garden before bedtime.

Misadventure May Day 24: Royal Family


For day 24 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw the Royal Family.

These are the Queens of the Queendom of Equality. The redhead resident of the town fell in love with the Queen at first sight and her absolute delight at all her dreams coming true is shown in their engagement portrait.

They are fun loving and greatly value all the people of Equality and strive to make sure everyone is happy.

Misadventure May Day 23: Level Up Character From Day 1

savingPNG (64)





For day 23 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to level up our character from day 1.

My protagonist and his boyfriend have been invited to a party with the Queens at the castle, the Queens often invite the residents of Equality to different activities according to what each resident’s interests are. The Queens want to showcase the Earth music that the Cosmic Being gifted to them so they are having a dance party. The invitation states that party clothes are preferred so our heroes visit the fanciest clothes shop in town.

Misadventure May Day 21: Blacksmith


For Day 21 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw a Blacksmith.

This is Equality’s Blacksmith, she loves her job and seeing the metal bend into the shapes she hammers it into. Equality is a pacifist Queendom so there’s not much call for swords but she has plenty of work making decorative and functional items for the home and castle and tools for the farmers.