Misadventure May Day 23: Level Up Character From Day 1

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For day 23 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to level up our character from day 1.

My protagonist and his boyfriend have been invited to a party with the Queens at the castle, the Queens often invite the residents of Equality to different activities according to what each resident’s interests are. The Queens want to showcase the Earth music that the Cosmic Being gifted to them so they are having a dance party. The invitation states that party clothes are preferred so our heroes visit the fanciest clothes shop in town.


Misadventure May Day 21: Blacksmith


For Day 21 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw a Blacksmith.

This is Equality’s Blacksmith, she loves her job and seeing the metal bend into the shapes she hammers it into. Equality is a pacifist Queendom so there’s not much call for swords but she has plenty of work making decorative and functional items for the home and castle and tools for the farmers.

Misadventure May Day 20: Magic Merchant


For Day 20 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw a Magic Merchant.

This person is the delivery person for the Magic shop, they collect the orders from the townspeople and ride on their horse to the Magic shop to deliver them to the Wizard Shopkeeper. They then ride back to town to deliver the products to the townspeople and collect the money and more orders.

Misadventure May Day 11: Enchanted Helper



For Day 11 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw an Enchanted Helper.

I have drawn the Wizard Shopkeeper’s wife and daughter. Her wife builds lots of the shelves and furniture in the shop and does lots of the heavy lifting and restocks the shelves whilst the Wizard brews her new lotions and potions.

Her daughter adores visiting the library and discovering new books to read. Her ambition is to have an artistic career making illuminated manuscripts so writing and drawing the labels and spell instructions for her mum’s magic shop is the perfect start.

Misadventure May Day 10: Wizard Shopkeeper


For Day 10 of #MisadventureMay of @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw a Wizard Shopkeeper.

This is the inside of the magic shop. My Wizard shopkeeper is great pals with my main characters and thinks my protagonist’s boyfriend is hilarious. She has a murmuration of birds on her dress. My protagonist is buying presents for the women in his life. His boyfriend is telling a hysterically funny story. What do you think he’s saying?

Misadventure May Day 8: Grassy Monster Fight


For Day 8 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw a grassy monster fight.

My main characters are not fighting this scary looking but innocent creature, they need to tie it up so it can safely be sent back home. It is an alien that has many eyes which means when it flies about the skies of it’s home planet it sees lots of beautiful sparkles and distracting glimmers so sometimes in their state of euphoria they accidentally fly through wormholes.

If the land of Conformity found it they would kill it and chop it up.

Misadventure May Day 6: Giant Character Walking Through Field


For day 6 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw a giant walking through a field.

I decided to create what seems to be a giant according to a MystaBug (my fictional world’s equivalent of a ladybug). This person crashed their spacecraft near to the land of Conformity. The land of Conformity hate individuality and anyone who stands out from the crowd so they chased this alien trespasser.

The alien managed to escape and found their way to the land of Equality where they are loved and appreciated for who they are. They adore the feeling of warm sunshined on grass on their feet.

What do you think their name is and what planet do they come from?