Misadventure May Day 22: Food Crafting Recipe


For day 22 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw a food crafting recipe.

I have drawn what is the Equality Queendom’s equivalent of the Earth food you would get after going out drinking. The inn serves the Perk Up Pasty to the late night revellers.


Misadventure May Day 21: Blacksmith


For Day 21 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw a Blacksmith.

This is Equality’s Blacksmith, she loves her job and seeing the metal bend into the shapes she hammers it into. Equality is a pacifist Queendom so there’s not much call for swords but she has plenty of work making decorative and functional items for the home and castle and tools for the farmers.

Misadventure May Day 19: Inventory Check


For Day 19 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw an inventory check.

My protagonist carries this satchel style bag which carries the usual essentials but also lots of very interesting objects his boyfriend excitedly discovers in the forests and fields.

Misadventure May Day 17: Fire Spirit


For Day 17 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw a Fire Spirit.

This Fire Spirit called FlameBoi is a very popular drink during the winter seasons in Equality. Just a small amount gives you the snuggliest hug from the inside out and warms you up real nice.

Misadventure May Day 16: Artefact Gifted From The Cosmic Being


For Day 16 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter tells us to draw an artifact gifted from the cosmic being.

This is a special music crystal called an Alexithymia Crystal, you touch it and it reads your emotions and plays the song that most aptly describes your current feelings. It can also play the songs that will give you a good mood. The Cosmic Being brought it to the Queens who want to test it out before it’s sold to everyone.

Misadventure May Day 15: Cosmic Being


For Day 15 of #MisadventureMay @mattydraws prompt list on Twitter asks us to draw a Cosmic Being.

I created a digital illustration of a cosmic being that travels the galaxies and sells music, they really hit the jackpot when they discovered the planet called Earth and found a treasure trove of tunes to trade.