Doctor Who Monster High: Daleketta

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3 thoughts on “Doctor Who Monster High: Daleketta

  1. Ah dammit you beat me to it LOL……if I could draw…’s one:
    Angelina Pond – school nurse (because it’s me) – half “normie” half Weeping Angel; can change to and from human and angel form at will but her left hand (up to mid-forearm) is permanently “stone”, can’t send people back in time but can go around without freezing when looked at, can still have super speed and is still indestructible; likes vintage fashion in human form, especially 1930’s style (get it?); child of that nasty nasty Pond-killing weeping angel.

      • Edit: Angeline Pond is her name now; she CAN freeze if you look her in the eyes only; she has “vampire” teeth and silver eyes; and instead of being half human she is half Klabautermann (German ship fixing/destroying gremlin/goblin thing, they look human but are just shorter).
        Thanks anyway! I should learn to draw

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