A Doctor Who Art Experiment

So I heard that Jenna and Peter received a gift of a painting during their world tour and people were being unkind about it which I think is unfair seeing as all fan artists have different styles and it can mean a lot when you put your time and effort into an artwork. I’m happy that the artist got the chance to give their work to Jenna and Peter.  Here’s a piccie of them holding the painting (I got the pic from Gally B, I do not own the picture and no copyright infringement is intended).

The Painting

I decided to take inspiration from the composition to practice my portraiture and use my Derwent Tinted Charcoal pencils. The first thing I did was to start with a loose outline.

photo 3 (1)


Then I added the colour. (I had the drawing board on my knee)

photo 1 (2)This is a spectator’s view of it

photo 2 (2)I enjoyed practising with the pastel pencils but I do like painting and doing my marker pictures more as the material is easier to control. I can see where I can improve, forehead and nose proportions are usually my stumbling blocks and I needed to add paint to Clara’s eyes to get the clarity of the white back. I think line-work is more my strong point than the colouring in but I enjoy both.

I find the self taught method is much better for my mental health as I have calmed down a lot since I used to get so mad I’d just tear something up I did wrong. I feel I can talk my way through the creation process and converse with myself easier than when I was taking instructions from my school teachers and forced to do specific topics.

Since coming back from Autscape I think I want to talk more about my art and talk through how my ideas are formed and my artistic process.



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