My Autscape 2014 Art Workshop Creations

Hiya everyone, I had some lovely huggly fun at Autscape and shall be posting more about it on here. I am doing lots of MOOCs so first I am catching up with them then I can get more art done, I have lots of ideas flitting round my mind. I just wanted to give you all something to look at whilst I do my t’internet school stuff.

So this is the art I did in the art workshop, the idea of the workshop was just to loosen up with some relaxed free pencil moving. We drew from a small artist’s mannequin with our usual writing hand and then drew it with our non-writing hand. I adore and am fixated on faces so I started off with the face of the figure on the left and drew outwards from that. Then I did the larger figure with my non-writing hand and then thought of making the smaller figure his string puppet so added a bar and strings.



Then some objects to draw were arranged on the table, there was lots of plastic fruit so I started drawing the fruit and added faces because there were some fabulous soft toys available to buy at Autscape this year that are fruit and veg with faces (I bought the Strawberry, Pear and Carrot and a cuddly Penguin, I gravitate towards anything that’s a cuddly toy). In the picture the banana is shouting and the other fruit and the mannequin man are objecting to it (my reaction to an unexpected outburst earlier in the week). Then I started to draw quick facial expressions to fill up the page.

FacePencilSketchesThen we all started to work in colour so I did more facial expressions with oil pastels.

OilPastelFacesThen we were encouraged to create a larger picture of the objects we were drawing so I started off doing a loose portrait, from memory, of Peter Capaldi but it transformed into Jon Pertwee. I have noticed that when drawing Mr Capaldi it is easy to find myself drifting into David Bowieland. It is really interesting to me that sometimes I’ll try to draw a specific person and it doesn’t look like who I mean’t to draw but looks a lot like a different famous person.

PertweeOilPastelI then decided to draw David Tennant from memory too. I started with his signature eyebrow and developed it from there.



I then completed the session by sketching a quick Christopher Eccleston. I see the part of the face that is the most iconic bit and make sure to add it, with Chris it’s his sort of cute moley thing by his cheek.



I really enjoyed the workshop (especially the extra cuddling afterwards ; ) ) and I think that it’s a really good exercise to just do free and loose sketches from memory to get you just loosened up and thinking about who you want to draw.







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