Weekword: Accord

Hiya everyone, I got tagged to choose this week’s Weekword. The word is Accord. I was rooting through my dictionary looking for something big and significant when I got the word Accord in my head and along with it came a vision of purple lines that sort of felt like TV static around the mid point to frontal cortex of my brain so this is what I have created, it has had the artistic equivalent of a vajazzle to give my idea more warmth.

I am very interested to see how you all interpret the word, if you are not familiar with the Weekword concept, the idea is that you create absolutely anything you like inspired by the particular word chosen each week. On Friday I shall link to all the blogs that took part. I hope you all have fun and enjoy creating so post below if you are joining in. Thank you 🙂


6 thoughts on “Weekword: Accord

  1. Generally I don’t “create” for Weekword in the strictest sense of the word and never have, but it’s always a creative outlet. I really enjoy your lovely piece and hope you have a chance to stop by my blog sometime as well 🙂 Count me in for this week-as other can probably warn you, I tend to be a late Weekword poster, but it’s part of my MO it seems 🙂 Can’t wait to see others posts!

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