Weekword: Epiphany

This is something I wrote when I attempted NaNoWriMo 2011. I found that if I relaxed and just let the voices in my mind control the pen on the paper that they spoke from their home in my brain (the creative people live in my right hemisphere at the back). With this piece of writing, lots of my brain cells wanted to write. I have added the title today as it seems to fit the experience of letting my brain take the pen. I think they are wishing that people would talk to people on the autism spectrum and not just about them. That people should explore the wonderful variety of creative voices residing in the minds of people on the spectrum and that campaigns of blame and declaring war on autism means that you are missing out on the wonderful, fantastical and inspiring universe of the autistic brain. Those that are shouting the loudest are deafening the world’s ears to truly beautiful minds.

The voices in my mind.

A pen of ideas and big creations

 imaginative worlds and manifestations.

A trip to the spark of journeys and truth

 talk to me please, don’t seem so aloof.

For we have ideas ready to appear, fantastical leaps of joyous wonder

cast out from the brain like neurological thunder.

 Lightning strikes to our great delight

producing fresh knowledge and incredible insight.

Making new connections

 spreading messages like wildfire for our delectation.

From corner to corner communications flow

 encouraging new neurons and wiring to grow.

Everyday we receive new information

often times causing immense hesitation.

Sometimes though we may seem to appear

 frozen in time to your grand ideas.

Don’t just stand there, give us the option

to compromise and accept the adoption.

Forcing your views upon us only puts the onus on you that you didn’t listen

 when us brain cells and neurons are trying to glisten.

Quick ,grab a pen, a notebook and paper

when you see into our home through your magnetic scanner.

One by one we’ll say hello

for we all have names didn’t you know.

Oh yes we all have jobs just like humans

 we are nightshift and dayshift compatible neurons.

 Some of us architects constructing great towers

 whilst ground dwellers scurry planting the flowers.

 We all work together to drive this great body

 if that sounds like we’re vain we’re ever so sorry.

 We just want you to see we are not mechanised robots, we do our jobs with glee

 for every part of this brain has unique personality.

There’s the outgoing braggers

 who strut up and down shaking their swagger.

 The quiet ones who get on with their work

 the hare brained ones who file and furk.

 The fame seekers who wave hello

they’re the ones who on your computers do glow.

They push to the front to get their faces shown

 to be written about in papers and get their names known.

 To you scientist guys

 we all like to revel and flash a surprise.

 Urging you to look

 so we can be famous in your next textbook.

 So students learn

 meaning we can earn,

 as they flick through the pages

 of scientific mages.

Offering new knowledge

 through which to forage.

 We take great pride,

 in the skulls we reside.

 So now you know we can work together,

 and for those times that may be whenever,

when you need to know more,

 we can tell you the score, all gather before.

 Find a good place and switch on the scanner

 lean in close and have a good gander.


2 thoughts on “Weekword: Epiphany

  1. Ohhh my neurons are all a glow! I absolutely love this piece-as a science dork, educator, lover of poetry, and a desperate attemptee of NaNoWriMo it all spoke to me 🙂 I’m so glad to be visiting your blog for the first time and have missed Weekwording for some time. Thanks for a great post!

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