A Soap Like Insight Into How My Memory Works. A Review Of The Third Black Mirror Episode

This weeks Eastenders-esque episode of Black Mirror, The Entire History of You written by Jesse Armstrong, claims to show the dystopia of recorded memories, now I may have been more curious and disturbed by this if my memory didn’t already work like this to some extent. I can replay many memories in the style of playing a video of  exactly where everyone was positioned, how I felt and to me personally I can place myself within the ‘scene’ and live in the memory. I noticed that on Twitter, many of the people disturbed by the concept of the episode have Facebook accounts, possibly having the mind of a person with a tendency to follow the crowd and be consumed by a culture of sharing every minute detail of their lives until a show like this reflects upon them how they are controlled with a need to fit in and be accepted into a conformist and compliant society. Something that many on the Autistic Spectrum are blessed to be spared.


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