Moves Like Jackson Pollock

Busy creativity day today, personalizing some Christmas cards with my artwork and loving it so much that I am considering doing a 365 project of an artwork every day. Also I have done another video for my musical Who Advent Calendar on my Whoventures YouTube channel. I have just been browsing some songs and testing out the vocals, sounding good so just need to assign characters to songs and I shall be filming more Advent videos (yes my Advent videos may not be on a tight schedule as it depends on my energy levels each day). I am aiming for a naff chic look for them, it’s stacks of fun 😀

I am hoping to get this blog to be a mixture of visuals and text and it shall be when I am not being a busy bee and have got all my Christmas tasks done. My favourite line from Corrie this week has got to be ‘It’s like Kez with fish’ it produced a snort giggle.

I am really enjoying finding my art style and getting my artistic confidence back and I’m sort of musing that it would be cool to be a freelance artist. I recently discovered the existence of Sketch Cards which are small artworks inserted into packs of Trading Cards. I would be rather keen to produce art for these. So if anyone has any illustration jobs going then drop me a note. I shall be scanning in and creating a video of my current artworks so shall remind you all when that’s done. Thank you 🙂


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